Confucianism Facts – The Principles & Scope

Confucianism is a kind of religion anchored on the philosophy and ethics initiated by the well-known Chinese philosopher, Confucius. He was able to live from 551 to 478 BC. As many surely had stumbled upon, there were occurrences when Confucius was called the Kong Fuzi, or Master Kong. He took charge in teaching a system in social, political, philosophical and moral beliefs. This led to the assumption of many Confucianism facts that are still followed by some up to this day.

Originally from the Shantung Province in Lu, Confucius grew up in poverty. He was deprived from the lavish and wealth of the world. His father passed away earlier than he thought it would be. He was still very young that time. Regardless, this did not stop his mother from teaching him everything he needed to know in life.

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The moment Confucius got married, he was able to have teachers of various arts. Six of them to be exact. As a matter of fact, he also started teaching when he reached thirty. As he was to unfold his fifties, he started developing his vision. He persevered in this. He continued until he died. He was 73 years old then.

What you do not know about the founder

Confucius got married at a young age, 19 years old. Prior to his marriage, he worked as a stable manager and even a bookkeeper. As mentioned, he undergone six arts. These are arithmetic, archery, music, ritual, charioteering and calligraphy. There was also a period in his life when he pondered more on poetry and history.

It came to a point when he had to bring his ideas up to the society. This involved politics and morals too. The same was also true with education. The government was very much informed with this. However, the sad truth was that initially, his ideas were not really given attention seriously. Because of this, he was forced to leave his country. He did this so that he would find himself a feudal state which would eventually hear his ideas out.

Despite all the hindrances, like being put into exile for 12 years, Confucius did not put his teaching into a halt. As a matter of fact, he used that to spread his vision to the world. The moment he reached 67, he went back home. This was the time when he was very much eager to teach how to write.

As for the religion based on his perspectives, Confucianism is still practiced in Korea, Vietnam, China and Japan. There are also some places in North America that adopted it. The religion is responsible in promoting the idea that individuals should adhere to moral virtue and as well as honesty. It convinces people to strive for a harmonious and ideal social relationship. Do not get this wrong though. Confucius, is not in any way, the founder of Confucianism. This was only called so because his outdated ideas were revived. They were again put back to life.

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