Food is the Best Medicine

Now, people have to get to know the utility of food they see spread all over our nature. We, as human beings, need to realize the ways food and more importantly which food can be used or have the effect of a medicine. Food, as a matter of fact, is a primordial prerequisite for humans’ health and the maintenance of healthy lifestyles.

Fruits and vegetables are rich of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins. There are some fruits with high sugar concentration like oranges, bananas and prunes but they are not hazardous for our organism. Overall, fruits and vegetables are anything but dangerous to humans.

In the past, many civilizations did survive thanks to the nature and its vegetation. People did eat raw fruits and vegetables thus preserving and absorbing many of the vitamins their bodies needed. They made sure that nature kept its productivity and consequently nature through its plants did keep them alive and most importantly healthy. Some would be surprised to read that fruits and vegetables are the first food human beings must eat.

Nature and almost everything it offers can be the best doctor and medicine out there. People need just to get to know what they are offered and how it can make them healthier.

Many would think meat is the most important food and all the rest is just a company to it. They are wrong. Well, when it comes to meat, it is not the best food we have to consume. Sometimes, meat is not that healthy because it can cause hygienic problems and also lead to diseases in humans. Eating meat in big quantities, especially red met, can lead to bowel cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Bones problems, Arthritis, Cholesterol, Food poisoning, Breast cancer.

Meat and grain foods are full of organic acids that make the human body and organism succumb to diseases.

Instead, fruits and vegetables are a better health choice, even if they are not tastier than meat. Fruits and vegetables contain chlorophyll full of solar energy. This valuable energy passes to humans through plants and animals. Minerals are also very essential to the human organism and they are easily digested and assimilated by the human body and cells. Vegetables contain another important unit-cellulose which eases digestion and cleans the body. Moreover, vegetables also alkalize the blood and protect us from disease.

Johann Gottfried von Herder once said that people who feed from vegetation are likely to have calm nerves, a balanced soul and good health. Indeed, many ancient philosophers did urge people to consume more and more natural food such as fruits and vegetables. Aristoxenus, an ancient Greek philosopher, called the salad the “green Easter cake.”

In the old times, people did not know about any kind of diets and vitamins but they just saw and experience the positive effects and energy fruits and vegetables gave them.

Do not get ill and then start to look for remedies and doctors but instead try to realize the utility of food and most importantly start consuming more of it.

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