10 Best Forex Trading Books You Must Have

Need a guide on currency trading? We cannot get rid of the classic way of learning just because we are already at the modern times. Being in the Forex industry requires an extensive training and a continuous study in order to get updated on what’s the latest trend. To keep up with what’s hot in the currency trading industry,

Here are the 10 best Forex trading books that you shouldn’t miss:

1.    Trading in the Zone / Author: Mark Douglas

The book is applicable to any Forex market which is why this is referred to as the Trading Bible of most traders. This book will be good for everyday reading as you go on with your career as a currency trader.

2.    Jesse Livermore’s World’s Utmost Stock Trader / Author: Richard Smitten 

        Reminiscences of a Stock Operator / Author: Edwin Lefevre

They are two books but they are worth reading. The lessons and insights that you gain upon reading these books are applicable to any market and trading activities as they are timeless.

3.    Face the Trader Within / Author: Chris Lori

Chris Lori will teach you the psychology of Forex trading in his book entitled Face the Trader Within. He is the Commodities Trading Adviser and serves as a mentor, as well, to all levels of traders. His book teaches traders the significance of facing their inner challenges or struggles in order to have an outward success. The book’s views are direct to the point and every trader has to read this especially now that it is only free at: http://authenticfx.com/free-forex-books.html

best forex trading books

4.    Dummies Currency Trading/ Authors: Brian Dolan and Mark Galant

The Dummies Currency Trading book is a great book in preparation for your currency trader career with its best Forex trading strategies.

5.    Warrior Trading / Author: Clifford Bennett

Warrior Trading is more of an average Forex trader’s book but it is highly recommended because of the insights on the mechanics and market psychology that were brilliantly expressed in it.

6.    The Secret of Candlestick Charting / Author: Louise Bedford

This book by Louise Bedford is highly recommended since it tackles the introduction to the topic on candlestick charting alone but not about Forex Candlesticks.

7.     Nison Candlesticks (Second Edition) – Japanese Candlestick Charting  Techniques and Beyond Candlesticks / Author: Steve Nison

These books by Steve Nison are most likely similar in terms of content that is why they are on the same spot on our list. He brought the candlesticks to the West from the Japanese culture and he continues to update it in order to remain strong and educating to its readers.

8.    Encyclopedia of  Chart Patterns (Wiley Trading) / Author: Thomas N. Bulkowski

As the name suggests, this is really an encyclopedia that provides a comprehensive and detailed explanation of common and uncommon chart patterns. Though it is an uneasy book to come by, but it can provide you with a source of good research.

9.   How to Trade of a Currency Fund / Author: Jarratt Davis

The How to Trade a Currency Funds book by Jarratt is a very good source of knowledge for traders who belong to the intermediate to advanced level who have been consistently achieved success but are still aiming for much success in the trading industry.

10. Day Trading and Swing Trading  the Currency Market: Technical and Fundamental  Strategies to Profit from Market Moves / Author: Kathy Lien

Kathy Lien is a reputable currency trader and a person who is known to be of good virtue in terms of value and integrity on the internet. She is the type that could make you listen the moment she starts to speak and read the things she writes for you to achieve what she has already achieved.

The knowledge that the best Forex trading books can give are incomparable compared to the modern way of obtaining knowledge. They are capable of giving continuous updates in order to keep the needed knowledge current. Try one of these recommended books and you’ll see the difference that traditional books are valuable investments in giving you insights and information vital to your currency trader profession.

What Is Stock Investing Simulator?

How do you limit your risks when investing in the stock market for the first time? Download a stock investing simulator and play the game of stock trading without shelling out real money. A stock market simulator allows beginners to get a feel of the market without the risks. New investors will feel safe in a trading platform where they are allowed to make mistakes. They will learn about which stocks to invest in and which stocks to avoid.

What is a Stock Market Simulator

It’s basically a software that simulates the activity of the stock market. The biggest and most important difference is that no real money changes hands in the simulator. In the olden times, practice trading is done by monitoring the stock market and doing trading transactions in paper. They termed this ‘paper trading’. It has since taken a more sophisticated and high-tech form with the stock market simulator.

How it Works

Simulators work by allowing users to manipulate virtual money. They can use this virtual money to make investments that mirror real-world market activities. This way, an investor can gain or lose virtual money while expanding their knowledge on how the market works.

Advantages of a Simulator

Here are some advantages of using a Stock Market Simulator:

  • It’s a good tool to use for beginners. Beginners can start practicing on the knowledge they gained from reading books about the stock market.
  • There’s no risk involved for the money traded is virtual. A new trader is more open to make investments because there’s no fear of losing money. As a result, mistakes will be made but a lot of valuable insight can be gleaned from them.
  • Beginners can also learn certain trading concepts like leveraging, shorting stocks and derivatives. These concepts will help new traders once they’re ready to make live market transactions.
  • Concepts on fees and commissions are also present in the simulators. New traders will encounter these fees virtually first in order to prepare for them once they do the real trading.
  •  Simulators are valuable assets for expert traders who want to test out their investment strategies. The implementation of these strategies is risky without testing them first. Simulators provide the best possible platform to test whether they work out or not.

Simulators and Guidance from an Expert

Online stock market simulators can provide the best stock market insight to new traders. But they’re not a hundred percent accurate. The actual market is quite unpredictable and traders who do well in simulations might do badly in the real thing. That’s why there’s a need to have an expert guide new traders. These experts can help beginners make sense of the activities, and simulators don’t offer this feature.

Start practicing stock trading with a stock investing simulator. A lot of these are offered free for download, and some can be run straight from your browser. But remember that simulators do not offer the full scope of investment education. Also look for a trusted investment expert to help act as a guide to stock investing.

Best Free Forex Charts You Should Get

Let’s talk about the qualities of the best free Forex charts. Forex charts are hard to explain but they have proven to be indispensable to the hardcore Forex trader. These charts have become the analysis tool of choice for traders because of the powerful features it has. The live Forex charts have rendered the hard copy Forex graphs outdated.

Forex Charts

These Forex charts cover a vast array of data. They are usually presented in pairs of currencies because it’s useless to get a graph of only one currency. The better charts no longer require users to toggle back and forth between the chart and trading platform. They have the trading functions built into the interface. But all graphs have one thing in common: they plot the prices of the day. You can use these data to compare rates and see if any trends appear.

Things to Look Out For

A number of factors contribute to a great chart. Along with these factors should be the ability to manipulate data. Technical indicators also play a role to help traders analyze the market. Indicators such as Simple Moving Average (MVA), Exponential Weighted Moving Average (EMA) or Relative Strength Index (RSI) are must-haves. Look for graphs that can offer the most Technical Indicators.

Another feature to look for is the chart element. Chart elements can help traders analyze the market trends and locate opportunities. These are the elements that are important to Forex charts: Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Time Zones, Trend Lines, Price Overlays, Equidistant Channel and Regression Channel. All charts should be able to allow users to create labels. This will be helpful so that they won’t get lost in their analysis.

Good charts should also have an option to provide the user with both real-time and historical data. The real-time data can give an idea of what’s happening, while the historical data enable users to track and analyze trends.

Free Online Forex Charts

  1. Powercharts—has the unique feature of letting users save their multiple workspace layouts. Recommended for intermediate users.
  2. Netdania—users can overlay multiple indicators and charts for multiple currency pairs. Recommended for all user levels. Beginners will find this chart easy to understand.
  3. MC FX—its unique feature is that it can automate the execution of strategies. It offers comprehensive features, a long list of indicators and chart elements. Recommended only for advanced users.
  4. Stratagem—premium version can provide all the features you need to improve your Forex analysis. Recommended for intermediate users.
  5. Marketscope—allows users to place trades directly from the charts. It also has a lot of indicators and elements users can use. There’s also an email alert function built into the chart. Recommended even for beginners.

That should give you an idea on Forex charts. The best free Forex charts can help you with your analyses so that you can make the best financial decisions. Forex trading has its inherent challenges, but these challenges can be addressed with a good Forex chart.