Top 10 Schools To Pursue A Bachelor Finance Program

bachelor finance

A Bachelor in Finance is a good major to consider. Bachelor Finance programs offer students with the requisite knowledge and skills to enter the financial investment world. The opportunities are endless with career opportunities in banking, investing and even sales. Here are ten schools that offer very competitive programs in finance:

1.      Babson College

Babson CollegeBabson College offers a unique curriculum for all their business courses. They teach their students what they call Entrepreneurial Thought and Action. They take pride in the fact that they equip all their finance majors not just the ability to make great analysis but also the knack for growing businesses.

2.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MITMIT’s Sloan School of Business needs no introduction. They are renowned to provide the best education with their innovative and highly-flexible curriculum. They are particularly strong in the field of Financial Analytics—a new trend where quantitative analyses are used to determine financial decisions.

3.      Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie MellonBusiness majors can choose up to eight tracks in their curriculum. They are particularly good in the Finance Track. Their students can expect to learn about corporate and international finance.

4.     University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

Students at Notre Dame are given a mix of the traditional and the cutting-edge. They also have a strong curriculum in finance, especially in quantitative analysis. The end result is a graduate with strong financial foundations and a concentration on a specific financial field.

5.      Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St LouisThis school is known to offer finance courses as minors and majors. They have a strong track record in the Bachelors of Finance program. In fact, Washington University in St. Louis ranks number 13 among all the tier 1 schools.

6.     Boston College

Boston CollegeBoston College allows their business majors to have Finance as their subject of concentration. This method allows their graduates with an in-depth understanding of the field. It also creates more opportunities for them when they graduate.

7.      Miami University

Miami UniversityThey offer the extra mile to their Finance students by also offering licensing and professional certification programs. This makes it easier for their students to increase their credentials when they graduate. Miami University’s business program actually ranked 6th among all public universities in 2010.

8.       University of Pennsylvania

University of PennsylvaniaWhat they offer is a major in economics but with the option to concentrate on finance. This flexibility makes it easy for their graduates to land prestigious jobs in investment and financial firms after graduation.

 9.      University of California

University of CaliforniaOffers a certificate course that can be used for a Bachelor’s degree in business. This course tackles important subjects like corporate and international finance, capital markets and investment management.

10.   University of Maryland

University of MarylandThey offer a Finance Fellows program to business students who want a concentration on finance. They have a number of other programs that can fast-track a student’s career in finance. They even offer an accelerated program to fast learners.

Get your Bachelor finance degree in any of these schools and you are almost assured of a good future. These colleges and universities offer the kind of quality education no other schools can match.

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